About Stop Injury Now

An increase in MRI Imaging, spinal injections, surgery, and prescription drugs has led to a massive increase in healthcare costs.  In reality, rarely do patients need these interventions.  For instance, only 8-15% of low back pain patients need them.  Stop Injury Now is a pilot program designed to help reduce the costs associated with musculoskeletal injury while allowing healthcare providers to deliver better care to patients.

The Stop Injury Now Clinical Pathway includes triage, Örebro screening, positive communication, education, and promotion of healthy movement, to help you, your patient, or your employee receive the right care quickly.  The Pathway reduces healthcare costs related to persistent musculoskeletal problems and helps patients avoid time-consuming, pricey, and uncomfortable imaging and surgery.

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Learn more about Stop Injury Now, the research behind the program, and the Örebro Assessment tool.

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