For Physicians

Significant research supports the use of early and appropriate physical therapy and suggests that 75% of physical therapy provided to a commercial population doesn’t meet guidelines for efficient and effective care. [1]

Physical Therapy’s Significant Value Potential

Relevant and replicated research tells us that the right physical therapy within 14 days of onset minimizes average episodic cost of care by 50%.[1] There are two keys to making this happen. First is the prevention of unnecessary medicalization that takes place within the wrong clinical pathway.  Second is getting the right physical therapist – this is critical in replicating the lower costs produced by research studies. Stop Injury Now ensures that the patient is on the correct clinical pathway and seeing the right physical therapist. Right is defined as trained at the highest level – certified in orthopaedics and understands and integrates the latest neuro-pain science approaches.

Assessment for Psychosocial Risk- Consider Low Back Pain

Imaging for low back pain that is not warranted can have detrimental results. Studies show that MRI scans for non-traumatic low back pain can lead to poorer health outcomes, greater disability, and work absenteeism due to the promotion of beliefs about damage and dysfunction.[2]

Evidence suggests healthcare providers are poor at identifying psychological risk factors of low back pain. Stop Injury Now incorporates the Örebro Screening Tool to help the first provider identify the patients risk level in a consistent, validated manner.  Once risk level is identified appropriate treatment can take place, including patient education, lifestyle advice, and guidance on movement and exercise. Only about 60% of patients will need active care. Stop Injury Now provides the educational materials shown to be effective in treating the 40% who do not need provider-given care.

Consider Patients with Persistent Neck Pain

66% of the population will experience at least one bout of neck pain in their lifetime.  Getting these patients to the right Physical Therapist, at the right time with the Örebro screening tool can significantly reduce their healthcare costs.[1Manual Therapy and exercises administered to the neck, upper quarter and thoracic spine results in better outcomes, compared to primary care management alone. This saves patients money.  Costs are reduced by 68% to be exact.[1]