You Could Benefit From Seeing a Physical Therapist at ProRehab

Hello from the Stop Injury Now Team at ProRehab Physical Therapy!  And thank you for choosing to take care of yourself by filling out the Örebro Assessment.  This is a proven tool to assess the likelihood that your condition can resolve with basic tips and exercises, or whether you require the expertise of a trained medical professional.

Your score indicates you could benefit from seeing a physical therapist right away to minimize your symptoms and prevent them from becoming a long term problem.  We are here to guide you through the steps and get you back to all aspects of your life as soon as possible.

The research shows that the first step is to see a specialty trained professional as soon as possible.  Stop Injury Now is designed to do just that.  Please call one of our convenient locations to set up an appointment- click here to find a list of our locations and phone numbers.  We will see you within 24-48 hours and answer all of your insurance and medical questions.  We will also give you a call to offer an appointment if we don’t hear from you.

Research* also shows that seeing a Physical Therapist specially trained to provide evidence-based care reduces the time it takes for you to get better, saving you time and money.  And, you’re in luck because the Stop Injury Now team has extensive training and specializes in helping patients with musculoskeletal pain.  We can help you identify exactly what treatment you need to alleviate pain and get you back to living your life.

Give us a call and we are happy to get an appointment set up for you.  Click here to find a list of our locations and phone numbers.

Talk to you soon,

The Stop Injury Now Team at ProRehab Physical Therapy

* Reference: Pain Management Today: Acute Low Back Pain Beyond Drug Therapies, 2014.